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I believe that the arts have immense power to heal in our society. However, with that also comes the potential to harm. As a "classically"-trained musician, I recognize that the near-absence of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, women, non-binary and gender diverse people in this tradition's history is no accident. It is an erasure, a tragic consequence of the white supremacy that permeates our society, our education, our own thinking. As a white person, I recognize my privilege in the field of classical music and the benefits I have reaped from white supremacy.

I believe that every aspect of our lives can and should be pointed towards an equitable and just society. Music is an important part of this and as a teacher, I work to introduce students to the music of non-white composers. We celebrate the role of diverse traditions in exploring non-Western styles in a respectful way. We discuss the whitewashed history of Western classical music and how systems of oppression continue to profit from it. We find new musical heroes to add to the old favorites!

As a performer, I pledge to perform the works of BIPOC, LGTBQIA+ composers whenever possible. This means minimizing the time I spend practicing and performing traditional orchestral and chamber music. I'm perpetually interested in collaborations that bring different groups into community, including larger-scale sound collaboration and graphic score creation.

I am always open to discussing trades of goods or services in lieu of cash payment if that makes lessons more accessible. 

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