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Ages 7 and up 
All levels welcome!

I'm currently offering virtual lessons due to the pandemic. Occasional in-person appointments can be made for troubleshooting setup issues or similar situations. 

I believe that every human being has the capacity to make and enjoy beautiful music. Music can become an integral part of your life and deepen your inner understanding regardless of your playing level or goals! 

As a violist, I'm particularly concerned with making sure my students can play comfortably and with enjoyment. Etudes, scales, and exercises are an important component in this work, but all study revolves around learning and playing repertoire. In addition to core standard works, music by composers of the global majority and of different genres is also explored. I'm always happy to follow your interest -- after all, music that you want to play is the most rewarding! I also encourage improvisation and can facilitate experimentation with equipment and software such as looping stations, Ableton Live, effect pedals, and more.

I have years of experience in teaching Suzuki repertoire in community music schools but do not use the method itself. I have found that a flexible approach tailored to each student and built upon fundamentals such as note-reading and a knowledge of basic music theory equips students for a wide range of musical activities. 


30-minute lesson: $30
45-minute lesson: $45
60-minute lesson: $60

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